Why should I buy from you when Home Depot/ Lowes has the same item?

Most of our products have all brass inside parts and are plumber specified.

Does Matte Black show hard water marks?

Yes, but our manufactures tell us use half and half warm soapy water and vinegar.

What are your top 3 selling brands?

Elkay sinks, Moen and Delta.

Do you stock Moen kitchen faucets?

Yes, we stock the Genta, Brantford, Arbor and Sleek; all in a variety of colors.

Do you stock Moen Bathroom collections?

Yes, we stock the Genta, Brantford and Eva; all in a variety of colors.

Can I use any brand of shower trim with any brand of rough in valve?

No you have to use the same brand of shower trim to the rough in valve

What is the difference between single handle, 4" spread and 8" spread lav faucets?

Single handle lav faucet requires 1 hole in your counter top where all of the supplies fit through and the temperature is mixed with the single handle.

4" spread lav faucet requires 2 holes in your counter top that are 4" between the middle of each handle hole for you supplies to get to the faucet. The temperature is mixed between the 2 handles

8" spread lav faucet requires 3 holes in your counter top that are 8" betweek the middle of each handle hole for you supplies to get to the faucet and spout. The temperature is mixed between the 2 handles.

What is the difference in materials used for kitchen sinks?

Stainless Steel self-explanatory
Cast Iron has a metal core with an enamel coating
Fireclay has a durable porcelain glaze
Composite is a mixture of quartz with acrylic resins

Are the quartz composite sinks durable? Are they hard to keep clean?

Quartz composite is one of the most durable sink materials available. The smooth nonporous surface makes it easy to clean. They are heat-resistant up to 535 degrees F. and resistant to stains, scratches, dents and chips. They also have anti-bacteria and odor-resistant properties.

Do you have any walk-in showers that aren't just the white fiberglass?

SWe have heavy duty shower wall kits from Therma-glass and Maax tubs. These beautiful shower walls come in several different colors and styles. Very durable and easy to install. Check out this installation video.

Do the freestanding acrylic tubs hold in the heat better than cast iron tubs?

Science tells us that cast iron holds heat better than acrylic. However, our customers that have had both types of tubs, tell us that they can't tell any difference. Both tubs have their advantages. Acrylic tubs are much lighter therefore, they can be typically be placed on any level in the house without additional floor support. The major advantages of acrylic bathtubs are their affordability and ease of repair if scratches occur.

Do bar sink faucets have a pull-down sprayer too?

Not all bar faucets have a pull-down sprayer. When diffusing the water into a spray, you have to hold the button down unlike most kitchen faucets where you just push the button.

What do you call the toilets that are smooth on the sides?

The smooth sided toilets are called concealed trap way or skirted toilet. These toilets provide a clean, sleek line from front to back, and from the top of the tank to the floor, making it easy to clean.